Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Post-Vacation Update

I had a nice post completed yesterday and when I hit post, it was lost.  If I had completed the post on my PC, a draft would have remained.  Since I completed it on my cell phone, no draft was saved.  Grrrrr.  I had to walk away from it for a day.  Today is a new day, so here I am!

While on vacation in beautiful Maine, I made great progress on my EPP project.  I also kept up with my exercise, which made me happy.  Exercise is such a huge part of my routine; without it, I feel like a slug.  I won't bother you with any post-exercise pictures (I wouldn't take any anyway), but I have some hexie photos to share.

I finished a stack of 28 blue hexie flowers.  They now wait for their turn to add to the mother ship.

I also made great progress on the ring of neutrals which will be next to add to the mother ship.  Out of 30 needed, I have 19.  Perhaps these will be done before I move to Florida at the end of the month.  As I look at the design, I think I will add another ring of neutrals.  I want the band of neutrals to be a bit thicker than what is shown.  Thoughts on that?

Finally, I want to share with you a somber sight.  I packed up my sewing area this past weekend.  I hope I can find a small corner of our (smaller) Florida digs to set up station.  I will post pictures when that happens.

Also, I wanted to thank some of my fellow bloggers, including JulieK, Sharon, and others who went out of their way to contact me and inform me I was listed as a "no reply" blogger.  I hope I have fixed the issue!

I have linked up to Life Under Quilts to share my hexie journey.  Check them out!

Saturday, July 5, 2014


A cool, wet morning here in Maine!  When the rain finally stopped after more than 12 hours straight, I jogged about 2.5 miles and then settled in for some hexie basting.  Time to start on some neutrals.

Look at this lovely view!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Hexie Update 427/???

Greetings all!

Time to update everyone on Hexie Part Deux!  I have made a lot of progress this week.  Thus far, 427 hexies have been added to the mother ship.  I will use Civil War neutrals to make the next ring of hexies, followed by a ring of orange or red, then the blues.  I suppose after that, it will be time to start lengthening the quilt, because it will be quite wide after the next two rings.

Just as a comparison, I am including a picture taken one month ago (below).  I suppose time stuck in an airport and on planes helps with EPP projects!

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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Fiesta Chairs

Hi readers!

Next month, my family is packing up and moving to Florida so I can finish my internship year.  In one year, I will fulfill my ultimate dream of being a clinical psychologist!  Even the thought of it is exciting.  Anyway, I found a townhouse (rental) a week ago, and am planning out furnishings.  We are moving from about 2000 square feet to about 1500.  Some things will end up in our storage shed (so that we may rent out the house we own) and others we will rely upon family to care for.  Our dining room table is large and will not fit well in the new space, so I am borrowing an old, distressed table from my parents.

The table and chairs have quite the history.  It has been a "starting out" table for a few decades now.  When I was young, my father had to build a top that fit over the existing table top as an inexpensive way of expanding the table for my family.  I had it for close to 10 years, then returned it to him when I did not need it anymore.  It ended up in my father's garage.  The chairs ended up (outside) on his deck.  You can see they make a new meaning of the word "distressed."

It will make my work easy I suppose!  I really like fiesta ware and have the place settings in all colors.  Fitting for a scrappy quilter, huh?  Based on this idea, I decided to paint each of the chairs a different color.  Here are two so far.  I still have another good coat to put on the chairs, but I imagine (and want) the chairs to maintain a distressed, used look.

Here is the blue chair.

Here is the yellow chair.

Two more to go!  I will show more pictures when everything is done.  I don't know yet what shape the table is in, but it has at least been stored indoors.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Hexie Part Deux

I was laying out my next ring of hexie flowers and realized I can't count...I have to make ten more red flowers.  I might just have to go shopping for more reds!

This is not the best picture.  7 of the outer red flowers are attached and the rest are just waiting for free time.  I guess I will start counting and keeping track of my progress as an incentive to continue.  I will count my hexies once they are attached to the mother ship.  So far, the mother ship has 308 hexies; this week I have completed 49 of them.  So I guess I would rate my progress as 49/308/???.  I actually have no idea how many will be in the finished project.

This week I have also basted 196 hexies and cut out fabric for more than 200 (my neutral ring).  I bought a pack of civil war neutral scraps from etsy a few weeks ago and was pleasantly surprised with the variety.  I think I purchased about 1.25 yards worth for 9.50 (after shipping).  Not too bad.  I cut about 90% of them for this project.  I use my dining room table for my cutting.

I am linking up with Life Under Quilts to share my hexie progress!

Monday, June 16, 2014

A Calf is Born

I am about to take some pictures to update everyone on Hexie Part Deux, but first I wanted to share with everyone an amazing Father's Day present - my father's first calf is born.

My father is the son of a dairy farmer.  He grew up on a small dairy farm so he has always been around livestock.  While he has always had some livestock around, he moved away from cows about 4 or 5 years ago when feed prices rose.  He has not bred his own cows as an adult though.  About two years ago, he purchased two young Charlet cows (sisters); he intended to breed them and then use the calves as meat cows.  Fast forward.  Both cows were pregnant (we call them 5 and 9) and the first had her calf yesterday afternoon.

Here she is.  My father went up to check on them and saw that 5 had given birth.  The calf is laying down while 5 is cleaning her up.

Momma is helping her up.

The calf starts looking for milk.  she was sucking on knees, udders, her Momma's face.  After 5 minutes or so....score!

We named her Anna, after my grandmother.  If the next calf is female, she will be Pearl.  I suppose it isn't the best idea to name a calf you will eventually eat after your grandmother, but she was too pretty not to name!

I will update again soon with some hexie news!

Friday, June 13, 2014

She's gone to the shop!

Is this what a mother feels like when a child goes to camp?  My sewing machine went for routine maintenance a day or so ago to a shop about an hour away.  It will be 7 to 10 days before I get to pick her up.  She surely needs the visit, but I will miss her!

Below is a picture of my sewing area (all empty looking without my Viking Sapphire).  it is in a little alcove off of my dining room.  The hampers to the right of my sewing table are full of scraps.  Crumbs are collected in the small bluish container on top of the desk.  I tell my husband someday I want a giant studio.  His response?  "When I get a man cave" (whatever that means).

I have been working on my next ring of hexies in the meantime.  I am packing slowly for our move and wishing the market was more favorable for a sale.  Oh well.  If my house does not sell in the near future, my family will make due as it always has.

Have a lovely weekend everyone!